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RedfinRisk Presentations and Training

Since its inception in October 2013, RedfinRiskEscondido_Rotary Mitigation Inc has made hundreds of presentations to individuals, businesses, and professional groups across the United States. RedfinRisk has shared a range of personal protection and risk mitigation options individuals should consider to protect themselves and their family from crime and criminal violence. RedfinRisk has the experience, training, and security mindset to provide world-class personal security consultation and instruction to high-value individuals, corporate executives, business leaders, and professionals around the globe.

With over 25 years of Special Operations knowledge and expertise, RedfinRisk displays simple yet very effective techniques demonstrating how its Special Operations experience can be transferred to reduce the risk of criminal victimization in one’s everyday life.

RedfinRisk Mitigation, Inc. was established by retired US Navy Special Operations professionals to offer personal security consultation and training to high-value individuals, corporate executives, and business professionals. With over 50 years of combined military experience, RedfinRisk professionals know that personal security is not only each US Military member's responsibility, but is especially important for business professionals and their families.